• 2021

    I started a book in the year 2000 called “Move Over Scheherazade Living with the GigaRich/Travels on the Silk Road” I just finished it in 2020. It will be published as an ebook on June 21, 2021.
    The memoir is based on the twelve years I worked at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar, a design school for women (later co-ed).

    I came to love the people that are demonized in the western media. My life there was an undreamt of series of transformative experiences which lasted for twelve years. there is a podcast with more details at http://vasari21.com/radio-vasari21/

    Group Exhibits in 2020: "Choreography In Time and Space”, Central Booking, New York, NY and "Masks, Mirages, and the Morphic Mirror” London Biennale

    In 2020 I've started a series new works on paper called "The Pollen Angels" I'm also writing short stories for a book called "Wak-A-Delic Tales Fun Flash Fiction From The World Of Flora And Fauna" It will also become an ebook in 2021. The stories are about the adventures of personified animals making their way in the world using social media and other modern stuff.