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    Move Over Scheherazade, my memoir is in final edit, I hope in 2018. I started this book in 2000 and put it away a number of times. I am looking forward to finishing it. A mini-synopsis is below.

    Stay in the United States and become a stylish 'Bag Lady' or go on a high adventure abroad, that was the question. Let’s see 'Bag Lady' or high adventure? High adventure, 'Bag Lady' as an intrepid and escapade driven person, I went for the adventure. At age fifty-five I vacated Bag Lady Land and opened my heart to a life in Doha, Qatar. It was an undreamed of series of transformative experiences which lasted for twelve years. I came to love the people that are demonized in the western media. University research funds allowed me to explore stops along the Silk Road and create artworks based on my findings. These art works are here on my web site.

    Silk Ships an Extravagant History Lesson

    The Silk Road was a vast network of trade routes were both by land and sea. It was the first information highway and stretched from Asia and the Middle East to Africa and Europe..... but wait there is more! These routes put down roots in the Americas as well. Silk Ships an Extravagant History Lesson, which links the Americas with China, Japan and others via the Manila Galleons from 1565 to 1815.

    This extension of the Silk Road created a hybrid cultural cocktail concocted by mixing mercantile agents from China, Japan, Ottomans, Venice, Portugal, Spain, Britain, Dutch, French and Native Americans. The stories provides intellectual intoxication at it's rarest. The accompanying smorgasbord of intangible cultural heritage includes many spiritual, musical, culinary, ethnic, artistic, architectural and gene pool exchanges. Feasted on in times of peace was the key to success.