• 2023

    Artist Kathleen Ferguson-Huntington, is an accomplished multi-media artist and writer. She is a twenty-first century storyteller, weaving wild yarns about her exotic life. Her third e-book, an adult fairy tale: Wak-A-Delic Tales Fun Flash Fiction From The World Of Flora And Fauna at: https//books2read.com/wak-a-delic. It just went live on the Vernal Equnox2023, Happy Spring! It is her collection of hilarious short stories about personified animals who use social media, high tech and other means to solve their problems. NOW IN PRINT on AMAZON
    She taught art and design at Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar and traveled extensively. University research funding allowed her to explore stations along the fabled Silk Road and to create artworks based on those travels. She has two memoirs out as e-books. Living With The Giga Rich a Qatar Memoir which can be obtained at: books2read.com/gigarich. The second memoir is GigaTravels To Exotic Places A Memoir at: books2read.com/gigatravels

  • LIFE WITH THE GIGA RICH: A QATAR MEMOIR go to Links on the main page for a e-book download

    LIFE WITH THE GIGA RICH: A QATAR MEMOIR by Kathleen Ferguson-Huntington puts a positive spin on living in the Arab World, as she chronicles her twelve years teaching art to university freshmen in Qatar.

    A twenty-first century storyteller, Ferguson-Huntington weaves a wild, entertaining, and illuminating yarn from her daily life among Middle Eastern royals, where the author came to love the young people who are demonized by Western media. Says Ferguson-Huntington: “My students taught me more than I taught them. It was a totally undreamed-of and transformative experience.”

    With stories ranging from creating an art car, to dressing up like rabbits, to Arab road rage and ferocious flowers, LIFE WITH THE GIGA RICH reads like a cross between The King and I and Eat Pray Love. It will make you laugh and cry, and see the Middle East with fresh eyes.

  • 2022

    I’m excited to announce that on June 20 my first book entitled Living With The Giga Rich: A Qatar Memoir will be available as an e-book on Amazon and other vendors! Look on Books2Read for the Universal Book Link (UBL): https://books2read.com/gigarich

    I have worked on this book for about 20 years and know that one of the most important things an author can do is to launch it with a number of Amazon customer reviews. This enhances search results and credibility so that other people find it.

    I’d love your help with this and ask you to please read my very reasonably-priced book and post your review online.