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A great story has visual clues. I'm the geriatricstarlet, and dug up this artwork with my red-handled shovel. On close inspection, this must be a scale model for the original Giant Goose Pagoda in China. The building got its name from a legend. In those days Buddhists could eat meat, even monks. On a particular day the monks had no meat. One monk looked up at the sky where some wild geese were honking past. He prayed for meat. The lead goose suddenly broke his wing and fell to earth. The monks did not eat the goose, but instead became pious vegetarians. The base of the sculpture has a series of Chrysanthemums - the Chinese symbol of Longevity. It stands to reason that if you don't eat flesh you will live much longer. Goose or no goose, that is the question? Do you have a rare bird story? You are welcome to create The Clues To A Great Story #11.

The Clues To A Great Story #11
The Clues To A Great Story #11
Brass and Bees Wax Encaustic
5" x 5" x 4"