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A great story has visual clues. I'm the geriatricstarlet and dug up this diabolic device with my red-handled shovel. Here are a series of Chrysanthemums, the Chinese symbol of Longevity. From the standpoint of the foolish starfish who climbs to longevity, he is innocent of the danger that awaits him. Yes, unaware that he will be caught in a vice at the summit and dried out for compost. This capture scheme is the brainchild of a Tulip farmer in Holland, Michigan who has fertilizer on the brain. He thinks that starfish are as plentiful as stars in the sky, so why not use them. Is it the Carrier Pigeon story all over again? What do you think of the farmer's cockamamie logic? You are welcome to create The Clues To A Great Story # 8.

The Clues To A Great Story #8
The Clues To A Great Story #8
Brass and Bees Wax Encaustic
5" x 5" x 4"