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"Miss Nora and the "Eco- Geckos" was a Video Production in 2002-2003. It won two awards: one grant was from the Ford Motor Company, for Conservation and the Environment 2002 and another grant was from HSBC Middle East Bank 2003.

I wrote "Miss Nora and the "Eco- Geckos" as well as played Miss Nora. I worked with Dr. Saif Al-Hajari's Centre for Environment Friends on this video, which was made in Doha, Qatar.
The project was designed to help children in a fun way to be conscious about recycling.Pictured are Qatari children with three "Eco- Geckos". Note the eyes are made from plastic water bottles.

"Miss Nora and the Eco- Geckos"
"Miss Nora and the Eco- Geckos"
Photo Still from the Video